Marine Tour Operator Regulation.

Article 1: Definitions

The following terms and words, wherever mentioned in these Regulations, shall have the meanings assigned to each of them, unless the context otherwise requires:


Saudi Arabia


Saudi Red Sea Authority.

Board of Directors of the Authority:

Board of Directors of the Saudi Red Sea Authority.


Marine Tour Operator Regulation.


A natural person who stays for the purpose of tourism for a period of not less than one night outside his usual place of residence in a regular manner for tourism, or benefits from one or more of the services of the marine tour Operator.


A document issued by the Authority enabling its owner to practice the activity of Marine Tour Operator.

Marine Activities:

Marine and recreational activities and activities practiced in a non-competitive manner within the Geographical Scope.

Tour Operator:

A legal person licensed by the Authority to practice the business of marine tour operation within the Geographical Scope.

Marine Tour Guide:

Practicing the work of marine tour guidance within the Geographical Scope.

Service Provider:

 A legal Person licensed by the relevant authorities, contracted by the Marine Tour Operator to provide services through an approved tourism program.

Tourism Program:

A set of tourism services that are prepared and/or implemented during one or several trips by the Marine Tour Operator for a fee, within a certain period of time, and are approved by the Authority.

Official Address:

The address registered in the license, the national address, or the means of

communication of the practitioner of the activity - of all kinds - obtained by the Authority.

Geographical Scope:

The territorial sea of the Kingdom in the Red Sea in which navigational and maritime activities are practiced, and the part of the land associated with the exercise of such activities, except for the military, security and other zones therein.

Article II (2): Purpose of the Regulation

This Regulation aims to set the terms, conditions and procedures that regulate the activity and work of the Marine Tour Operator in the Geographical Scope.

Article III (3): Registration and Licensing

  1. The local or foreign Marine Tour Operator must meet the regulatory requirements in accordance with the regulations in force locally in the Kingdom

  2. The Authority shall issue, renew, or cancel the necessary licenses for the Marine Tour Operator in the Geographical Scope in accordance with the requirements and conditions set by the Authority, provided that this does not prejudice the completion of the requirements and conditions approved by other competent authorities.

  3. It is prohibited to conduct the activity of marine tour operation without obtaining a license, after its expiry or cancellation, or during the period of its suspension.

  4. The Marine Tour Operator must obtain prior approval from the Authority for the continued validity of the license in the event of amending its legal entity, and the Authority has the right, at its discretion, to accept or not accept the continued validity of the license if the amendment is made without its prior knowledge.

  5. The licensing services for the activity of Marine tour operation shall be as follows:

    a) Arranging accommodation services at the tourist accommodation facility.

    b) Arranging Marine Tour Guidance services.

    c) Arranging catering services in the Tourism Program.

    d) Arranging and implementing ground services for the tourist such as reception ,farewell, luggage transfer, and the like.

    e) Arranging car rental services with or without a private driver.

    f) Arranging boat and pleasure vessel rental services

    g) Arranging insurance services for the tourist.

    h) Arranging booking and visiting services for events, exhibitions, conferences, museums reserves, markets, restaurants, etc.

    i) Preparing, marketing, and implementing the Tourism Program of all kinds.

  6. To apply for a license, the following conditions must be met:

    a) A valid commercial registration that includes the activity of Marine Tour Operation.

    b) Official data of the applicant and his representative in dealings with the Authority - if any -.

    c) Proof of the right to use the trademark, if any.

    d) Provide a bank guarantee as approved by the Authority's Board of Directors.

    e) He must not be less than (18) years old.

    f) Not to have any health obstacle that prevents him from providing the service.

    g) He shall not have been previously convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or dishonesty unless he has been rehabilitated.

    h) Fill out the license application form prepared by the Authority.

Article IV (4): Obligations

  1. Ensure that the Service Provider is licensed by the relevant authorities before dealing with him.

  2. Compliance with the policies and controls approved by the management of the site covered by the license to receive tourists and provide them with the service of Marine Tour Operation within the scope of the site.

  3. Providing tour Marine Tour Operation services within the Geographical Scope according to the license.

  4. Enable the tourism inspector to perform his duties stipulated in the decisions, instructions, circulars, system and regulations issued by the Authority, and to cooperate with him and provide facilities to him.

  5. The Marine Tour Operation must show the identification card during the practice of the profession to make it available.

  6. Do not use the expired license.

  7. Not allowing others to use the license

  8. Not to use the Authority's name and logo in any advertisement or any marketing activity without obtaining its approval.

  9. Use the language or languages specified in the license while practicing the activity of marine tour operation.

  10. Perform the contracted tasks unless they conflict with the established regulations.

  11. Adhere to wearing a dress commensurate with the nature of the trip and public taste.

  12. Demonstrate high morals and good values.

  13. Not to request a commission, reward, gift, or service from the tourist and the establishments he deals with while practicing the activity of Marine Tour Operation.

  14. Provide the Authority, upon request, with any information or data through any means it deems appropriate and within the period specified by it.

  15. Update its data in the Authority's electronic system as soon as it changes.

  16. Inform the Authority about activities and practices that lead to damage to the marine environment within the Geographical Scope.

  17. Provide the Authority with the information required to prepare the necessary statistics

  18. Investigate the accuracy of the information provided to tourists, and not to provide any misleading information, contrary to the facts or harm the reputation and interests of the Kingdom.

  19. Shall not commit any acts contrary to public order or morals or prejudice the safety of society.

  20. Comply with the regulations and instructions of the competent authorities regarding security, health, environment, means of safety, ambulance, evacuation, and others, and take all measures and precautions to achieve this.

  21. Maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of tourist information, and not sharing or using it for any purpose without obtaining his consent

Article Five (5): Obligations and Rights of the Tourist Benefiting from the Marine Tourist Guide Service

The Tourist is committed to the following:

  1. Not to remove or take heritage landmarks or nature reserves ,or damage or destroy them.

  2. Do not photograph or approach military areas or any restricted areas.

The Tourist has the right to:

  1. Receive decent service.

  2. Receive the correct information as stated in the advertisement or ticket.

  3. Receive a full and accurate explanation of tourist sites.

  4. The right of the tourist to address his complaint.

Article VI (6): Environment

  1. Take all necessary measures to protect the environment and marine wildlife in locations where Marine Tour Activities are practiced within the Geographical Scope.

  2. Adhere to all local and international guidelines, directives and instructions for marine environment protection issued by the relevant authorities.

  3. It is prohibited to take any act or activity that causes direct or indirect damage to the environment and marine wildlife in the Geographical Scope because of the dumping of waste of any type

Article VII (7): Security and Safety

  1. Compliance with all regulations, procedures, and controls in force locally, especially those related to military and security zones.

  2. Take all reasonable means to organize the services provided responsibly and effectively taking into consideration risk management and crowd management.

  3. Ensure that the workers are trained in the services of Marine Tour Operations, adhere to a uniform, and have sufficient knowledge of the languages that enable communication with the Tourist.

  4. Courses in first aid and rescue programs must be obtained from the competent authorities.

  5. The Marine Tour Operator must educate the Tourist about dangerous marine reefs and life before leaving shore.

Article VIII (8): General Provisions

  1. The Authority shall issue the necessary rules and procedures to implement the provisions of this Regulation.

  2. All those to whom the provisions of this Regulation apply shall be bound by what the Authority issues in implementation thereof.

Article IX (9): Adoption and Amendment of the Regulations

This Regulation shall be issued by a resolution of the Board of Directors of the Authority, and approve any amendments thereto, whether by deletion, addition, or cancellation.

Article X (10): Publication and Validity of the Regulations

This Regulation shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall enter into force 90 days after the date of publication.